One year of chastity

It’s now been one year since my last full orgasm.  Over the past year, I have had 7 ruined orgasms during teasing sessions with my wife, several prostate orgasms from my wife’s strapon and 2 ruined while I was in my cage where I just got overstimulated and came without being hard. 

My wife has continued to have an active sex life with several regular lovers and a few one night stands.  Our sex life has continued as it has been for several years.  I am allowed to use my tongue and hands on her body when she allows.  She sometimes uses a dildo or strapon on me. 

One of the new things this year has been for me to shower with her or give her a bath.  Only while wearing my cage, of course.  But she allows me to wash her body and it is a very sensual touching and it is such a turn on. 

She wants me to commit to another year of chastity and we are trying to figure out a reward for me if I commit.  Would love to hear ideas.

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